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Sunshine High School S Association Sunshine, LA S Alumni  1956 1990 H
In honor of students that viewed investing in the future as long-term projects. Their education began at Sunshine High and continued at Sunshine High in the form of providing advance education through a tireless effort to ensure lifelong learning goals were obtained by those entrusted in their care.
"Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know...It is a painful, continual and difficult work to be done by kindness, by watching, by warning, by precept, and by praise, but above all -- by example." Mrs. Amanda A. Grace
Mr. George Louis Grace Ms. Diane Marie Jones Ms. Betty Jean Ambeau Ms. Jessie Mae Dixon Browder Mr. Isaac Redditt, Jr. Ms. Rosalin Clark Martin Ms. DeAudrey Wilson Redditt Mr. Robert Hampton Grace Ms. Jacqueline Redditt Williams Ms. Gwen Thomas Mr. Leonard Jackson Ms. Edna Wright Lorraine Mr. Douglas Schultz Ms. Mary Claire Le Blance Ms. Betty Mark Grayer Ms. Shirley Thomas Williams Ms. Wilma R. Cushenberry