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Sunshine High School S Association Sunshine, LA S Alumni  1956 1990 H
The smells and memories of freshly baked cinnamon rolls that melt in your mouth in the early morning hours during school days will remain etched in our memories...every lunch meal seemed a specially catered event worthy of a five-star rating. As was the transfer of knowledge to every student, a gift from the faculty, the provisions of a nutritious meal and the "private thought" that no child would be hungry, was the sole concern of our cafeteria staff, a staff that will be remembered forever and always.
Ms. H. D. Schexnayder Ms. Ceolia York Ms. Lillian Ward Ms. Gloria Fleming Ms. Amelia Bess Ms. Olevia Ross Ms. Ruby Fairchild Ms. June Sanchez Ms. Martha Laurent Ms. Dorothy Reese Ms. Gladys Scott Ms. Evelyn Nelson Ms. Catherine Butler Ms. Albertha Nelson Ms. Lizzie Johnson Coleman Ms. Marguerite Patterson Gray Ms. Sylvia Fleming Wilson