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Tigers Are Forever Productions has a new look and sense of direction, thanks to the amazing talent at Creative Wire Professionals. How you look says a lot about you, establishing a balance between the current desire for visual stimulating graphics, elegantlly detailed logos, and astonishingly designed web sites demands an effective strategy. Proven reliability, all backed by aftermarket support.

Graphic Software

Quite simply the world's fastest graphics software, with truly flexible illustration tools and revolutionary
photo handling. A single application for all types of creative work, whether it's vector drawings, DTP,
photo composition, web graphics or Flash animation. Comes in 2 versions, Photo & Graphic Designer and
Designer Pro, Pro offers advanced print and web design features.
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer:
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is the perfect graphics tool for all you drawing, photo and design needs,
available at a price that won't break the bank.

Photo software by Xara

Xara Designer Pro:
Xara Designer Pro is our top of the range product graphic and web design package, and includes all the
features and templates of Web Designer Premium and Photo & Graphic Designer. Plus it adds extra features
that Pro designers need including support for PDF/X, PANTONE and color separations, multi-core processor
support for extra speed, enhanced import/export filters, a pro version of the photo panorama tool and more.

Design software by Xara

Xara Web Designer:
Xara Web Designer is an easy to use template based web graphic and website creation tool that
gives you total page design freedom, no HTML or JavaScript skills required.

Web Design software by Xara

Xara 3D Maker 7:
Create stunning still and animated 3D headings, logos, animations and even 3D screensavers in seconds.
Ideal for adding impact to your web pages and presentations, optimized for top on-screen quality.
Avoids all the usual scary complexities of 3D software!

3D Design software by Xara

Menu Maker software by Xara, Download: $24.99, CD: $29

Screen Maker 3D software by Xara, Download: $14.95

Header Maker
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